Tips for more joy in life: What makes us happy?

The happiness formula is easier than you think. Combine the right attitude to life, good relationships and a healthy diet. You'll be that much closer to happiness. Read more about it in our blog post.

Bye-bye Winterblues thanks to Vitamin D

Spring is coming, but where has your energy and good mood gone? We show you what the winter blues are all about and why vitamin D is your partner in crime.

Everything you should know about vitamin D.

Learn more about effect, need and dosage. For the best mood and new energy.

Zinc - The all-round talent for your immune system and your beauty

Zinc is in great demand, especially in the cold season, because it strengthens the immune system. We show you what you should look out for and why zinc supplements can be useful.

Three good resolutions for the new year that you can implement with...

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Recipe for vegan pumpkin soup with coconut milk and ginger - For...

Pumpkin soup is a real power pack in autumn and winter. It contains many valuable vital substances that strengthen your defences. The recipe is very simple and tastes simply heavenly.

Colds and viral infections: how to prevent them

People are sniffling and coughing again at every turn! The dry air during the heating season makes our nasal mucosa, the "main entry point" for cold viruses, particularly vulnerable. That's why we need to avoid sources of infection now: Avoid...

TIPS for more happiness and joie de vivre - start your everyday...

We have put together 3 approaches for you. They will bring you very close to happiness. We show you what is important. It's actually quite simple.