Recipe for more energy in everyday life - DAL with red lentils

Who wouldn't like more energy for their everyday life? Lentils are a particularly valuable source of energy, keep you full for a long time and help to balance our energy levels thanks to their many B vitamins and iron.

Start the day with vitality and new energy

The morning often decides how the day goes on. How can you get the perfect start to the day? How do you get your metabolism going? A morning ritual with a little workout, metabolism kick and healthy food makes all the difference and increases...

Tips for more joy in life: What makes us happy?

The happiness formula is easier than you think. Combine the right attitude to life, good relationships and a healthy diet. You'll be that much closer to happiness. Read more about it in our blog post.

Are food supplements useful or not?

The discussion about food supplements is controversial. Do we really need them or are they not useful at all? We show you when nutritional supplements can make sense.


In spring we are happy about the warmer temperatures and the first rays of sunshine. But do you also feel tired and listless right now? Then you can now find out why we suffer from spring fatigue and what we can do about it.

Ease stress: Fill up with energy in everyday life with the right...

Little time - much to do: Besides work, family and leisure time also demand our energy. With these tips, you can maintain your power and regain your inner balance. With good planning, reduction of perfectionism, rest phases and a healthy diet, the...